Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's New Year's Day: A new beginning

A new year. A new beginning. There is quite a bit about 2014 I am ready to leave behind (but that would be another blog). So I am looking ahead!
As I begin 2015 I have jumped into the "virtual community of challenges" and signed up for 2,015 in 2015. That's 2, 015 miles in 2015. Now before you think I am an overachiever let me clarify that I have two partners in this challenge. This means we are each responsible for logging a minimum of 671.7 miles during the year.
That's more like it.
I figure I log 3 3-4 mile sessions during the work week and often 5+ on weekends (either Saturday or Sunday). And because I seem to constantly be "in training" for half marathons, those weekend miles can range from 5-11.
I have already signed up for 8 half marathons for 2015. That alone is 104.8 miles covering Race days. And there are probably another 2 half marathons to sign up for; oh, wait, there's a 10K I am registered for - that's another 6.2.
But why do this? I am going to go out for weekdays and weekends anyhow. Why be a part of this virtual mileage-collecting community? 
Support and the fun. Locally and abroad. This is group motivation!
The FB posts and Tweets are coming in from around the world! The Aussies began long before midnight struck here in Vermont. There are photos of men and women (and children) of many ages dressed in shorts and long-johns. Short-sleeves and layered fleece! There are before and after pictures. Outdoors and indoor treadmills. Mostly there are smiles.
This morning in Arlington, VT there were 36 of us ready to go, whether running or walking, or a combination. Ready for 3,4 or 6 miles. I looked at it as the first 5K of 2015. 
For me and walking buddy Barbara it was the beginning of our 2,015 journey. Lisa, who lives roughly 40 minutes away, the third of our trio, also got out this morning. So our team, No Easy Feet, logged 11 miles (Barbara and I figure our walk was 3.5 miles, and Lisa did 4).
Only 2,004 to go! Stay tuned!
Happy New Year!

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